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Motorcycle Riders And Summer

There are many interesting things about riding a motorcycle that you may not know about. It’s some kind of freedom and rebellion that is hard to get from merely driving a car. You also can save a lot of money on gas because motorcycles are also very fuel-efficient.


The problem is, it can get extremely hot during the summer. The clothes that motorcycle riders need to wear to adequately protect themselves can be very stifling; leather isn’t a very breathable material.


Motorcycles don’t have air conditioning. This means that, if you ride one, you are going to feel the full wrath of the sun on your back. Quite a few complications can arise from this.


Many motorcycle riders suffer from heat exhaustion at one point or another. If any one of several symptoms manifest, like headaches or nausea, heat exhaustion might be the culprit. Riding around in the hot weather has consequences.


The best thing anyone suffering from heat exhaustion can do is to find a cooler environment. They should also stay hydrated. The body loses nutrients when it sweats in excess; you need to replace these nutrients if you want to avoid any serious problems. Drinking water mixed with salt or any sports drink rich in electrolytes, like Gatorade, can remedy the issue.


Another more serious complication is heat stroke. This can be deadly if not taken care of immediately. The first warning sign is the cessation of all sweating. The body sweats to stay cool, and if it cannot sweat, it will quickly overheat. This leads to the loss of cognitive functions, which can be very dangerous if you are operating a vehicle. Rush to find someplace cool where you can lower your body temperature before you pass out.


If you are suffering from heat stroke, you must lower your body temperature. Under dire circumstances, it may become necessary to immerse the body in ice water. But, most of the time, a simple ice pack and cold water will suffice.


If you are ever riding a motorcycle and suffer any of the aforementioned symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.


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Motorcycle Rallies and Events Summer 2012

It just doesn’t get much better than hitting the open road during the summer, feeling the warm summer air breezing by as you make your way to one of the many, exciting rallies and events that have always been a hit for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. Each of the motorcycle events answers the call of the road, drawing a variety of biking cultures and huge groups of motorcyclists who are there to share their passion for motorcycles, enjoy great conversation and fun times. Some of the most popular rallies this summer are Daytona bike week, the Roar to the Shore and the Redwood Run of 2012 and there are many more.

The Redwood Run 2012 is shaping up to be one of the larger cycle shows this summer and it’s going to take place from the 8th of June to the 10th in Piercy, California. The Redwood Run is all about rally racing and small track ride alongs but most of all it’s a great big forum; a place where you can party and have a good time along with like minded people who share your love for the open road and motorcycles in general. This is more of an old school hog sort of party and while speed bikes often show up they just don’t hold the show in the same way that the hard core bikers do.

Another rally for the classical biker is in New York at the end of June and is aptly named the Harley Rendezvous. This fantastic Patterson, New York bike rally takes place June 22nd through the 24th. It’s base is the Indian Lookout Country Club on its 200 lush acres of land where you can camp out, enjoy live music, field events, bike shows, tattoo contests, tons of vendors, motorcycle stunts shows and more. It’s a great time for you to go see some Harley’s take to the street or bring yours down and join in on the fun. Reservations are needed to be a participant but typically there is plenty of room and you can make plans for up to 10 friends to join you.

You can wrap up the summer with the Roar to the Shore in Erie Pennsylvania which runs June 19th through the 21st. It is a straight forward biker’s experience where all types of motor cyclists can enjoy the Poker Run, the Boardwalk Ride, and many other cycling tracks, as well as take part in or simply enjoy the biker babe contest, stunt shows, celebrity entertainment and the many vendors that show up as well.

There are an endless amount of motorcycle rallies and events coming up this summer, and the venues mentioned above are just the icing on the cake. It’s a great year to be a biker and this summer you’ll want to get out of the house, experience the open road, and check out one of this summer’s exciting motorcycle events. No matter where you live you’ll more than likely find motorcycle rallies and events to check out close by if you don’t have time to take a road trip.

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