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Victory New OEM Motorcycle Lock & Ride Windscreen Mounting Brackets Vegas,8-Ball

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The Importance of Motorcycle Safety – Ride Safe!

Harley Davidson has always been a strong supporter of proper motorcycle safety and proper riding. They have stood by their commitment to ensure that all of their riders are safe, aware and comfortable when in the driver’s seat. The following are five of the most vital aspects of motorcycle safety and how you should use them to keep yourself, your passengers and your bike safe.

Leathers: Wearing the appropriate apparel while on your motorcycle is probably the most important part of motorcycle safety. The term leathers can include any outer piece of leather apparel that is worn over a layer of everyday clothing. Leathers provide a protective barrier between the road and your skin if you were to ever be in an accident and fall from your bike at a great speed. The durability of leather is high enough to ensure that even while at high speeds, your clothing will not tear from your body, revealing your skin and making your body vulnerable to major injury.

Helmet: Though most states have made the motorcycle helmets mandatory by law, there are some bikers who still feel that wearing a helmet should be a personal preference. The safety advantages to wearing a helmet are obvious. They will protect your head while in an accident, avoiding injuries such as concussions, brain damage and even damage done to the upper spine and neck. Similar to regular bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets must fit properly in order to be effective. When purchasing a motorcycle helmet request assistance from a knowledgeable and reputable dealer.

Bike Choice: Choosing the right bike for both your comfort and experience level is also important when it comes to motorcycle safety. Riding a bike which has not been adjusted for your own personal physical abilities can lead to serious accidents on the road. This should be taken into serious consideration when test driving, sharing or lending a motorcycle.

Bike Maintenance: Similar to owning a car, making sure that your motorcycle is in good working order is vital when it comes to safety. A daily maintenance check and following through with yearly inspections and mechanical upkeep are great ways to ensure that your bike is safe and able to handle whatever may come your way while on the road.

Motorcycle safety may seem like a no-brainer to some. However, to other bikers, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the new found freedom, leading to bad decisions, improper safety equipments and unsafe driving practices. To ride a Harley Davidson properly, is to ride it responsibly. Ride Safe!

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Ensuring Your Safe By Checking Important Motorcycle Parts Before Every Ride

Before you go on a long motorcycle trip or even head across town for a bite to eat, there are a few things that you should check on your motorcycle to ensure that you are safe on every ride. Here are some of the more important motorcycle parts that should be inspected before each and every ride.


Your tires are especially important because they are the only thing that stands between you and the pavement when you’re riding your motorcycle.  It is for that reason that you should always be aware of the condition of your tires before you head out on your motorcycle. First, you’ll want to inspect the tread on the tires to make sure that there is adequate tread to be able to provide you with enough traction while your heading down the road.  Next, check the tire pressure to make sure there is an adequate amount of air in the tires.  Not only will keeping the optimal amount of pressure in your tires provide the best traction, but it will also help to make your tires last longer.


The lights on your motorcycle are very important because they help make you visible to other drivers on the road.  Besides the fact that it is illegal to operate a motorcycle without properly functioning headlights, it’s just a good safety feature that you want to make sure is functional when you head out on the road.  Headlights, taillights, and turn signals are all very important motorcycle parts that should be inspected on a regular basis.

Fuel System

If you want your motorcycle to function properly, then you’ll have to make sure that all of the motorcycle parts that make up the fuel system are in tip top shape and all fluid levels are filled to adequate amounts for travel. Make sure your bike has enough gas, oil, coolant (if applicable), brake fluid, and that your oil is properly maintained.  Oil should be changed at least once a year to maintain optimal operating conditions.

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Ride along with pride victory Scooter

The Pride Victory scooter is a three wheeler which has been designed for people who are having limited mobility and have problem in moving from one place.

What is pride victory?

The Pride Victory Scooter is a three wheeler which has been designed for people who are having limited mobility and have problem in moving from one place. It serves best for people who are challenged physically. The great thing about having it is that one can use them both indoors and outdoors. It has a feather touch that means it can be handled with a single hand.

This scooter has all the benefits that one would like to have. Think about the cars one can see on the road. They are luxurious and few are affordable, too. Same goes with scooters. This is a high-end scooter and is the best for person who wants mobility.

Below are mentioned certain features of Pride Victory

It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
It has one hand feather touch.
It has a backlight battery gauge.
Light weight and adjustable seats.
A basket in front to make it look more wonderful and which can be used for shopping.
There s a delta tiller with wraparound handles.
Available in 3 decent colours red, blue and silver.

Now let us study the benefits of buying a pride victory scooter

The pride victory is durable.
It is the smoothest scooter available in the market.
Light in weight for easy transportation.
Weight capacity of 300pounds.
Flexible and easy to rotate seats.
These scooters are electronic so your fuel costs become zero.

Thanks to the technology that made this invention for people with limited mobility. It served as a Blessing for them, as one could move around very easily. They can go outdoors also for shopping and other purpose.

The Pride Victory has made the lives of physically challenged people very easy.

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All About the Harley Davidson Super Glide – Let’s Ride

Harley Davidson has had a world wide reputation for centuries as the number one supplier of high quality, high style motorcycles. Even to the pedestrians who watch as they pass and have never climbed onto the leather seat of a Harley in their life recognize a beautiful bike when it roars by.

A good looking, bike is hard not to admire. Harley Davidson has set the bar for any and all other motorcycle developers. They have committed themselves to quality, integrity and style and have not faltered from this commitment once in over a hundred years.

Many Harley Davidson Motorcycles are made with the option of custom design in mind. However, no biker should take that as a sign that the bike is any less worthy of the famous name and logo. These bikes are designed as a blank canvas, ready for you to add your own personal expression and style but do not lack in original quality or design. Harley Davidson realizes that every biker is an individual. They realize that individual bikers depend on them to develop and supply custom services, parts and accessories. All of which will help any biker transform an original bike into their own personal masterpiece.

One such bike is the Harley Davidson Super Glide which gives the rider endless options for add-ons, customization and style upgrades.

The Super Glide is also an amazing choice as a classic, clean and high quality bike just the way it is. Who would go looking for additional upgrades when the basic package includes a rubber mounted twin cam 96 engine, chrome staggered shorty exhaust, painted bullet head lamp, classic solo seat, front sport fender and a rear sport wrap around fender?

As if that were not enough the Super Glide also has stainless steel pull back handlebars and mid mounted foot pegs, making this bike as comfortable as it is stylish. This bike is only available in two sleek and stunning paint finishes, the first being Vivid Black and the second being Pewter Pearl. Both of which are a great starting point for a one of a kind paint job or decal application!

Though the Super Glide is not the most suitable bike to carry passengers, your friends and family will definitely want to be seen on the back, so consider an upgrade in seats as one of your first customized details.

The Super Glide is one of the less expensive Harley Davidson models, retailing for just under ,000.00 and this price does not include any additional accessories or custom upgrades but it will buy you one sweet ride! But, the good thing about the Harley Davidson Super Glide is that it is more affordable for the average biker and allows almost everyone to buy their dream Harley Davidson!

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Learn To Ride That Motorcycle

There’s nothing better for the motorcycle enthusiast than the feeling of the cool breeze hitting him as he hurtles down an open road on his bike. Motorcycles are also a great way to get around. They are easy to park, can zip through traffic, and are easy on the budget when it comes to gas.But how difficult is it for the beginner to learn how to ride? There’s no one answer to that question. Just like anything else in life Yamaha Motorcycle Parts, some people are naturals and pick up the skill very quickly, while others have a harder time with it. An important trait that will accelerate the process in either case is just to believe that you can do it.The first thing that you should realize is that the bike you start riding will play a part in how easily the process goes for you.

It would be best if you could purchase a used motorcycle for this purpose as opposed to using a friend’s bike, for example. This is because the bike that you ride has to fit your body. You should be able to put your feet on the ground. You should also be able to easily reach the critical parts of the bike, such as the handle bars and brakes. Riding something that you are comfortable on is important.That being said, you should also resist the temptation to run out and buy a brand new bike to start out with. Why? Because the golden rule of motorcycle riding is that everyone who is learning will drop their bike at least once Honda Motorcycle Parts. And probably more than that! So, it’s best to start out on something that you won’t be too annoyed to scratch up and dent. You can always upgrade to the ride of your dreams later on.The next thing to consider is the person you plan on taking instruction from. As far as teachers go, patience is most definitely a virtue. It can really slow down the learning process if the person who is teaching you to ride won’t take the time necessary to show you how to do everything over and over again.Teaching someone anything is an exercise in repetition. Even if you know someone who is willing to try to teach you, it might be a good idea to opt for a school so you are guaranteed to have a teacher who is ready for everything that the endeavor requires.

After you learn the basics, it will be up to you to continue to practice until you are a competent rider. Just like any other skill, mastering it takes practice, practice, and more practice. Avoid high traffic areas until you are very comfortable on your bike. You should be able to handle situations such as lane changes, twists in the road, and suddenly having to stop with ease before you attempt to ride through congested areas.Once you are comfortable with all of this, you should practice it all again under different weather conditions. Your motorcycle will handle very differently because of the weather Suzuki Motorcycle Parts. Don’t let the first time you realize this be on a long road trip. Make it a point to practice in all kinds of weather before that happens. You should know exactly how strong wind or rain will affect you, for example.Start off slowly. You don’t need to hurtle down the freeway your first time out. Getting yourself hurt early on will only serve to discourage you. Learn how to ride the right way and you will love it forever. It can be challenging to start off with. But the end result is very worth it.

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Stainless Steel Biker Eagle ‘Live to Ride Ride to Live RING Size 13

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Ride On Motorcycle Tire Sealant 3 Bottles Harley Suzuki Kawasaki Honda Yamaha

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