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Everything Old is New Again with Vintage

Have you noticed that design and clothing ideas come around in a circle about every thirty years? The sixties came back around again in the nineties and the seventies and eighties have kind of melded together in a muddled come back during the first ten years of the two thousands. Amazingly the eighties seem to be back in full force right now with neon colours, off the shoulder tops, and leg warmers gracing the walls of every clothing store.

Vintage clothing and design elements are all the rage and the twenties, forties, fifties are providing some amazing design ideas, reproduction foundations and decorating options.  The textures of antique lace and beautiful colours of days gone by are making a presence with a twist. Shabby chic design has taken much that was beautiful in older styles and given them an aged and abused look. This approach of taking new things and making them look old is providing a soft and classy look to interior design elements as well as clothing.

Handcrafted items such as quilts, hand bags, electronics covers, and shadow box art work are making their way back into every home. Shoppers are looking for new and interesting ways to bring the look of weathered woods, sun faded fabrics, and frayed edges into their decorating ideas. Customized handmade cushions in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns are mixed to make couches and beds more charming.

Rough personalized signs add character to rooms and can be used to label children’s rooms, playrooms, kitchens, laundry spaces or anything else you can imagine. Hand-painted graphics and wording makes for endless possibilities. Often motivational or humorous statements are used on aged looking bases to create a decorative item well worth talking about. Bunting can be used to add colour and texture to any room with a limitless variety of patterns and colours. These wonderful strings of colour can be used to create a top accent to the wall of a nursery with easy to change results. When you need something wonderful and colourful but do not want to permanently change the space these affordable and popular items can be just the right touch.

Photo albums have also taken a turn into the shabby chic styling and can be left on coffee tables to get the most impact. The handcrafted covers, made from vintage or vintage look fabrics are a favourite for gift giving and home decor. The addition of these personalized items creates a warmth and human touch that is becoming lost in this electronic society. This return to handmade items that are truly designed with love brings back the simplicity and skill of handmade gifts.

Many boutiques have taken to providing a mix of vintage, country, handcrafted and personalized items with great success. Try choosing a mix for your home, go out and find one antique item that speaks to you, that you absolutely love and that you can see designing a room around. Add accessories that compliment this item and make it mix well with your modern furnishings as well.

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Everything You Should Know Of Honda Motorcycle Parts

Those of us lucky enough to be in possession of a Honda motorcycle know how important it is to keep our bikes in tip top condition.Custom Honda motorcycle parts come very handy when you are looking for cool options to upgrade your vehicle. You can get rid of many stock parts to replace them with new and more powerful customizable Motorcycle Accessories. You can modify your seat, get new fenders, and change the heavy handlebars to adjust them according to your height and stature. These are only some of the options you can consider when upgrading your chopper. Useful knowledge about all motorcycle parts will be very helpful when you finally go shopping for all these exciting custom-designed parts.The easiest way to search for different motorcycle parts is to browse through an online collection. There are many reputable manufacturers that now have their own websites where you can easily order all the parts you require. Another option is to buy a complete custom motorcycle kit which is cost-effective and very easy to install.

To find the best Honda Motorcycle Parts, you are presented with quite a handful of options from CBR parts. These parts include fenders, pedals and pegs, batteries, mirrors, handlebars, suspension, helmets, tail lights, fuel systems and many more. You can choose these parts according to your requirements and the model of your Honda motorcycle. You can customize your bike the way you want by using these state-of-the-art motorcycle parts from reputable manufacturers. The overall effect produced by these custom-designed parts is compelling and overwhelming.There is a separate category of small accessories that you can buy for your Honda motorcycle. These accessories are used to improve the appearance of a bike and also help to make it more functional. If you are a stylish person, you would love these small parts custom-designed for different models. These parts are also known as ‘add-ons’ for complete customization.

Honda motorcycle parts also include caps covers, windshields, air intake systems, frames, engine parts and fairings. You can find some really cool and sturdy tires for your bike to enjoy a smoother and safer ride. Similarly, a strong intake system can be installed to improve your bike’s intake performance. There are custom-designed kits available out there to increase carburetor efficiency and overall performance of the engine. The result is an enhanced horsepower and a better drive. Factory installed Motorcycle Parts often wear out quickly. Some of the examples are stock tail lights and bar-end mirrors. You can install new lights and mirrors to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding ride.Whether you are looking for individual parts or complete custom motorcycle kits, Honda has everything you need.

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