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DUCATI hard to find BIG collection of spare parts for 750, 800, 900, 1000,620SS

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Is Your Collection Complete Without These Must-Have Vintage Handbags?

If you enjoy showing off your handbags you will love these because they are very unique and make a wonderful addition to your collection.  If you love vintage handbags and collect purses from different designers you deserve to have a Kooba as well as Dooney and Bourke handbags in your collection.

The Dooney & Bourke purses will become a permanent part of your collection as soon as you realize that their value improves with age. The designers proudly stand behind their leather goods and are so sure of their durability that they offer an unconditional guarantee that covers any defects in the craftsmanship for a year. The fact that these handbags are covered by such a guarantee is one of the reasons that they are considered to be the best designers of vintage handbags.

The handbag company was founded by H. Peter Doone and Frederick Bourke and is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. Their bags are made using the finest leathers or whimsically printed material. Their handbags have been all the rage for some time and have earned their place among vintage designer purses. The signature black leather bag that they carry is absolutely breathtaking.

Most women like to carry a handbag that expresses her individual style. The Kooba collection makes it easy for women to express themselves since their designs are very detailed and have distinctive textures to match the individuality and passions of the woman that carries a Kooba bag. The styles are original and this is the reason that Kooba handbags speak to women that are trying to make a statement to the world about their individuality.

Abbe Held and Bonnie (Kooba) Held, a mother and daughter team, began designing the bags in 1998 and have successfully created a handbag that is relaxed and comfortable, but very practical. Their goal is to give women handbag that is practical as well as very attractive. The quintessential vintage look of their handbags is very desirable to women all over the world.

It is very hard to describe the Kooba handbag using only words since there are so many unique designs to choose from. The colors are incredibly striking, resembling cognac and bourbon, and compliment any wardrobe with ease. The handbags are available in both glossy and patent leather and are a stunning addition to any collection.

When describing Kooba handbags it would be an injustice not to mention the many shades and hues of black leather bags that they offer. The also have beautiful choices in metallic’s and ivory. The prominent hardware on the bags has become part of the signature of Kooba handbags. The buckles as well as the antiqued bronze studs are useful as well as beautiful. Many of the leather handbags offered by Kooba have a distinctive pebbled texture that is very sporty.

No matter what type of bag you like, both of these designers handbags should be in your collection. Their handbags have an incredibly timeless beauty as well and functionality that makes them a must have. You will never be disappointed with a Dooney & Bourke or a Kooba designer handbag whether you choose a whimsical design or a simple black leather handbag. 

Ashley collects and writes about all types of designer handbags, including Dooney & Bourke.

Techniques For Great Confidence – Collection of Triumphs

Today we launch the beginning of a series of articles around creating and sustaining confidence. Each article will contain a specific exercise for increasing your self-confidence. Just reading these exercises alone won’t do much for you, but if you actually DO the exercises, you will find that your confidence rises pretty quickly and becomes sustainable as well.

What is vexing about confidence, as opposed to, say, learning to use Excel, is that while learning Excel is largely about mastering knowledge and techniques, confidence is ultimately about beliefs: what do you believe about yourself? Do you believe that you are capable and powerful? Or do you believe you are in over your head and you hope nobody finds out?

So, if confidence is about beliefs, how do you change those beliefs so that you have more confidence and reap more success? In this post and subsequent posts, we will present one exercise at a time for you to use. Today we start with the “Collection of Triumphs.” 

Collection of Triumphs 

Everyone has had triumphs in their lives. Take a moment and think about it. Did you get 100% on your algebra final in high school? TRIUMPH! Were you employee of the month? TRIUMPH! Did you teach your little brother to ride a bike? TRIUMPH! Did you give a great presentation that earned compliments from the boss? TRIUMPH! Did you donate blood and save someone’s life? TRIUMPH!  Do you have a beautiful singing voice? Every time you sing is a TRIUMPH! Somewhere out there in the world, someone loves you, someone is counting on you, you are that person’s hero or role model. TRIUMPH!

Regardless of how you feel right now, you have had triumphs in your life, and no amount of struggle or setback can take that away. Remember that. So, what we want to do now is to bring attention to your triumphs. How? We create a collection of triumphs. For me, this is a manila folder. For others, maybe a journal, or a collage, or a list you read out loud. The idea is you have a way to collect your triumphs, and we want to make this collection nice and big. So, into this folder or journal or collage, put the A+ paper from school, the article in the newspaper about your volunteer efforts, the nice memo from your boss, the touching card from your sweetheart, anything you can think of that reminds you 1) that you are a good person; and 2) that you have done good things.

What makes this so powerful is that you create this collection, then everyday you review it, to bring all those wonderful qualities and achievements back to your attention, and then you add to it. When you need a pick me up, when the whole world hates you and you can’t seem to do anything right, take a moment and flip through your folder or journal or read your list to yourself. This is the foundational technique for confidence. Just doing this will make your confidence soar. Commit to doing this every day for 30 days and you will see huge results.

David Kaiser, Ph.D.
I work with entrepreneurs and job-seekers to define and realize a career that is emotionally, spiritually and materially rewarding for my clients. My mission as a coach is to evoke excellence in my clients. To learn how I can help you create an amazing life and career, in accordance with your values, passions and spirituality, please review my website where you can request a complimentary strategy session. Subscribe to my newsletter to get a free Special Report: Living Larger by Healing Shame, at my website.