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Riding a motorcycle is a great feeling, as long as you are warm and dry while doing it. As the weather turns from summer to fall and settles into winter, you are going to need to acquire some winter riding accessories to keep you warm while riding.

The best place to start in your journey to a warmer ride is as close to your body as possible. Having a good base layer is one of the more important aspects of keeping warm while riding in cold weather, because it’s the final layer of protection you have against the cold and biting winter winds you’ll face. A base layer can be anything from basic cotton long johns to more advanced fleece underwear. You want something that’ll not only keep you warm, but also will feel good against your skin as you put in the miles. One of the best ways to protect you from the wind is to avoid it as much as possible. An easy way of doing that is to install a windshield on your bike. There are a variety of windshields and fairings available at most motorcycle parts retailers, with a style and color to accommodate most styles and models of motorcycles.

Another important motorcycle accessory for cold weather riding is a full motorcycle helmet. While the full helmet is going to keep the heat from your head trapped and thus keep you warmer, the face screen will also protect you from the harsh winter winds you’ll be riding through. A full selection of helmets and other motorcycle accessories can be purchased at any of your local motorcycle parts stores.

The two most critical items involved in keeping your feet warm are a quality pair of boots and some close fitting and comfortable socks.

When shopping for a good pair of boots, make sure that they are wind and waterproof to keep all that cold air and rain away from your feet. In addition, it is absolutely vital that they fit properly and are comfortable; after some long miles you don’t want sore feet when you’re walking around the restaurants and rest stops along your journey.

Socks should be wool to keep your toes and feet very warm inside your boots. Also, you can layer a couple of pairs of socks if you want to guarantee that your feet will stay warm, dry, and comfortable, letting you concentrate on being both safe and comfortable as you cruise the open road. Both socks and boots that are designed for cold weather motorcycle riding can be purchased from either online or brick and mortar motorcycle parts and accessories retailers. The prices and quality of these motorcycle accessories can vary significantly, so it pays to do some research and comparison shopping before purchasing the motorcycle parts or motorcycle accessories such as boots, gloves, helmets and undergarments.

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