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Motorcycle helmets are a gear used to protect the rider from any kind of injury to the head and face. A helmet absorbs the shock of impact, that results from an accident while riding a motorcycle. The helmets that are used by bikers, have evolved with time. Today’s modern day helmets provide the user with extra benefits, like ear protection, ventilation, face shields and even intercom.

The idea of motorcycle helmets originated following a fatal motorcycle accident. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, an officer of the British army, met with an accident while riding a motorbike. Mr. Lawrence succumbed to the head injuries, six days after being admitted in a hospital. Hugh Cairns, a neurosurgeon who attended to Colonel Lawrence, did a thorough study of the effects and impact of head injuries on motorcyclists. The result of his extensive research was the creation of motorcycle helmets, which proved to be a boon for both, the civilians and riders in the military.

Types of Helmets

The different types of helmets range from the Full face, Open face, Half helmet, Modular to Motocross.

The Full face helmets cover the entire face including the base of the skull and the chin. These helmets have a cut across the portion of eyes and the nose. A face shield is incorporated in the design to protect the face from wind and water during rains. The protection provided for the chin has proved beneficial, as the chin is more vulnerable to injuries during accidents.

The Motocross or Off-road helmets, have an extended chin, which gives extra-protection to the rider. Visors help keep sunlight off the eyes. The chin bar in Motocross helmets is angular as against the rounded ones in Full face helmets.

The Open face helmet provides protection to the 3/4th part of the head; so it is also called the 3/4th. The chin bar and the face shield are absent in this motorcycle helmet. Many Open face helmets have a visor that protect the rider from the glare of the sun.

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